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Blindfolded SQL Injection

Until today, exploiting SQL server injection attacks depended on having the Web Server return detailed error messages or having any other source of information. As a result, many security administrators suppressed these error messages, assuming this would protect them from SQL server injection exploitation. This white paper shows, however, that suppressing the error messages does not provide real protection. Imperva ADC research reveals a set of techniques that can be easily used to bypass error suppression, making it clear that more substantial measures must be taken against SQL server injection attacks.

Tags: ADC, SQL Injection, Blindfolded SQL Injection, Web Application Attacks, Web Application Security

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Blame it on the Media(Bot) -- Using Google Advertising Mechanism for Web Application Attacks

The research summarized in this paper is aimed at demonstrating how search engines can be manipulated to serve as attack tools. We were able to show that the AdWords and AdSense services from Google can indeed be used to launch attacks against unsuspecting web applications. Attacks types we were able to demonstrate include buffer overflows, SQL injections and CSRFs.

Tags: ADC, Google Hacking, Web Application Attacks, Buffer Overflow, SQL Injection, CSRF, Web Application Security

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Top 6 Security Trends for 2009

Based on the research conducted by Imperva's Application Defense Center (ADC), this report identifies the security trends that are most likely to cause the greatest impact on organizations in 2009. Combining the detailed information collected in the past year with ongoing research efforts, the ADC has made predictions on the top six trends that will affect security organizations in the upcoming year.

Tags: ADC, Security Trends

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