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The 6 Most Surprising SharePoint Security Risks
April 30, 2014

Upcoming: The 6 Most Surprising SharePoint Security Risks

As SharePoint gains traction in your organization, users quickly create new sites and add data to help them share information and work more efficiently. Before you know it, sensitive files are spread throughout SharePoint and security becomes crucial. Are you aware of - and prepared to stop - all the SharePoint security risks that are out there?

SharePoint is a complex, far-reaching system that's exposed internally and externally. With increased reliance on SharePoint comes multiple security risks, some obvious and some you wouldn't have imagined.

Join us for a webinar to learn about some of the most surprising risks in SharePoint, uncovered by Imperva's security experts. This webinar will:
  • Discuss the six most surprising SharePoint threats including compromised insiders and search engine data leakage
  • Offer real-world examples of each threat
  • Provide practical methods for addressing these risks
Presenters: Carrie McDaniel, Product Marketing Manager, File Security, Imperva

Tags: SharePoint Security

Date: April 30, 2014
Time: 11:00 AM PDT | 2:00 PM EDT
Protecting Against Vulnerabilities in SharePoint Add-ons
October 16, 2013

Protecting Against Vulnerabilities in SharePoint Add-ons

As the pace of Microsoft SharePoint adoption continues, most organizations are turning to third party add-ons to support demands for functionality. It's for these reasons that experts compare SharePoint without add-ons to an iPhone without apps. Third party add-ons, however, arrive pre-packaged with unique security risks -- vulnerabilities that IT cannot directly fix.

Join Imperva's Carrie McDaniel to learn how organizations can offset vulnerabilities found in SharePoint add-ons by applying a multi-layered defense strategy. This webinar will:
  • Identify risks associated with using SharePoint plug-ins and web parts developed by third parties
  • Describe how hackers target and exploit third-party code using attacks such as SQL injection
  • Introduce a three-layered approach to securing SharePoint
Presenters: Carrie McDaniel, SharePoint Security, Imperva

Tags: Web Security, Web Application Security, SharePoint, Vulnerabilities

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CMS Hacking 101
June 26, 2013

CMS Hacking 101

With the rise of blogs, forums, online magazines, e-commerce, and corporate websites, many organizations are turning to Content Management Systems (CMS), such as Joomla or SharePoint, to create rich websites. CMSs simplify website delivery - but they also expose your organization to a new set of vulnerabilities.

Join Barry Shteiman, Imperva Sr. Security Strategist, to see how malicious hackers exploit vulnerabilities found in popular Content Management Systems to systematically identify and attack unsuspecting organizations. This webinar explores:
  • What a CMS based site is and examples of recent CMS originated hacks
  • Trends in automated CMS hacking
  • How to secure your website against vulnerabilities found in CMS systems
Presenters: Barry Shteiman, Sr. Security Strategist, Imperva

Tags: Content Management Systems, CMS, Joomla, SharePoint, Hackers, CMS Hacking, Web Attacks, Data Security

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4 Security Guidelines for SharePoint Governance
May 22, 2013

4 Security Guidelines for SharePoint Governance

82% percent of organizations use SharePoint to store secure content. Over half worry that their deployments do not meet security or compliance requirements. This sentiment is indicative of the growing concern among organizations that their SharePoint deployments are a security disaster waiting to happen.

SharePoint governance can seem like a daunting task and leave many organizations wondering where to start. This webinar provides a four step program for establishing SharePoint governance and security.This webinar will:
  • Identify drivers for governance, including regulatory compliance, Web attack protection, and data security
  • Provide four steps for securing SharePoint through governance efforts
  • Outline a risk-based approach for aligning priorities and investments
Presenters: Carrie MacDaniel, File Security Team, Imperva

Tags: SharePoint, SharePoint Governance, SharePoint Security, Compliance, Web Attacks, Data Security

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Shaping-Up SharePoint Security in Five Steps
July 25, 2012

Shaping-Up SharePoint Security in Five Steps

The use of Microsoft SharePoint is growing rapidly inside most enterprises; however, native functionality fails to address critical security risks. For organizations, this shortcoming poses a tremendous challenge: How do you balance the need for collaboration with the need for security? Join Imperva CTO, Amichai Shulman, as he addresses the key technical aspects of SharePoint security. In particular, this webinar will identify the most important steps to securing SharePoint, including:
  • How SharePoint is architected and the inherent security gaps
  • How to protect SharePoint from insider threats
  • How to stop hackers from breaking externally facing SharePoint deployments
Presenters: Amichai Shulman, CTO, Imperva

Tags: SharePoint Security, Insider Threats, Data Security, Hackers

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