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How to Prevent Remote & Local File Inclusion Attacks
April 18, 2012

How to Prevent Remote & Local File Inclusion Attacks

Did you know remote and local file inclusion (RFI/LFI) was among the four most prevalent Web application attacks in 2011? Why is RFI/LFI so attractive to hackers? Quite simply, with RFI/LFI a hacker can take over a Web server.

RFI and LFI attacks primarily affect Web applications written in the PHP programming language. PHP is the most popular server-side programming language. In fact, PHP is used by 77.2% of today's Web sites. Are you aware of the underlying technology that powers your website? For example, if you install WordPress, PHP code will end up on your server making it vulnerable to an RFI/LFI attack. This webinar will discuss:
  • How hackers use RFI/LFI, including how one vulnerability compromised 1.2M WordPress blogs
  • The anatomy of an RFI/LFI attack and how hackers avoid traditional detection techniques
  • How to successfully mitigate RFI/LFI attacks
Presenters: Tal Be'ery, Web Security Research Team Leader, Imperva

Tags: RFI, LFI, Web Application Attacks, Web Application Security, Hacking, Remote File Inclusion

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Note: All webinars are approximately 60 minutes in length.