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Control System Red Teams -- an Interview with Ray Parks from Sandia National Labs (SNL)

Control System Red Teams -- an Interview with Ray Parks from Sandia National Labs (SNL)

On this episode of the Imperva Security Podcast Ray Parks is interviewed. Ray discusses various red teams:
  • Behavioral
  • Operational (Military Services, NSA)
  • Analytical
  • Research Gaining and Hypothesis Testing
In particular, he focuses on red teams that evaluate the security for control system environments such as nuclear power plants. Ray also shares his perspectives on regulations like NERC and their place in improving the overall security of critical infrastructure environments.

Ray touches on bringing together government, industry, academia and others to analyze control system environments from a joint perspective. In fact, Brian Contos and Ray first met during such an effort called Project LOGIIC (Linking the Oil and Gas Industry to Improve Cyber Security) which Ray discusses during the interview.

Mr. Raymond C. Parks is a program manager of Sandia's Information Design Assurance Red Team (IDART), a Senior Member of the Technical Staff in the Assurance Technology and Assessments Department at Sandia National Laboratories, and project lead for several control systems security projects. He has led twelve red teams through assessments, and has been team member of over three-dozen other red teams. Currently, he is leading a red team assessment of a financial critical infrastructure element. Recently, he led a team that performed a North American Reliability Corporation (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) cyber vulnerability assessment of a major Midwest utility. Mr. Parks is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy with a B. S. in Engineering and an Eagle Scout.

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Selected Tag: Ray Parks | Show All
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