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Insider Threats, Privileged User Abuse and Mitigation Techniques with Amichai Shulman -- Imperva CTO & Co-founder

Insider Threats, Privileged User Abuse and Mitigation Techniques with Amichai Shulman -- Imperva CTO & Co-founder

On this episode of the Imperva Security Podcast Amichai Shulman -- CTO and Co-founder of Imperva talks about Insider Threats. He explores the differences between careless and nefarious insiders and talks about the difficulties of managing risks surrounding privileged users. He also discusses several threat mitigation strategies.

Amichai Shulman is Co-Founder and CTO of Imperva, where he heads the Application Defense Center (ADC), Imperva's internationally recognized research organization focused on security and compliance. Shulman regularly lectures at trade conferences and delivers monthly eSeminars. The press draws on Shulman's expertise to comment on breaking news, including security breaches, mitigation techniques, and related technologies. Under his direction, the ADC has been credited with the discovery of serious vulnerabilities in commercial Web application and database products, including Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft. Prior to Imperva, Shulman was founder and CTO of Edvice Security Services Ltd., a consulting group that provided application and database security services to major financial institutions, including Web and database penetration testing and security strategy, design and implementation. Shulman served in the Israel Defense Forces, where he led a team that identified new computer attack and defense techniques. He has B.Sc and Masters Degrees in Computer Science from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.

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Insider Threats -- an Interview with the Former Deputy Director of the National Security Agency -- NSA

Insider Threats -- an Interview with the Former Deputy Director of the National Security Agency -- NSA

On this episode of the Imperva Security Podcast Bill Crowell, former Deputy Director of the NSA, is interviewed. He talks extensively about insider threats, shares some stories from the trenches, and discusses the nature of cybercrime. Bill also covers the importance of sensitive data protection -- especially around mission-critical applications and databases.

Bill Crowell quotes from this interview:
  • "On the Internet everyone is an insider."
  • "We haven't done nearly enough to protect applications and databases."
  • "The magnitude of loses around insider threats are underreported."
  • "Security is not just the perimeter; layered defenses must be inside of the network, on the applications and databases, if we really want to protect information."
  • "Cybercrime is a rewarding endeavor...attacks can be monetized and there are fewer consequences."
  • "Crime is only diminished when there is some reasonableness to the expectation of being caught."
Mr. Crowell is an independent consultant in the areas of information technology, security and intelligence systems and serves as Chairman of the Senior Advisory Group to the Director of National Intelligence. He also served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Cylink Corporation, a provider of network security solutions, from 1998 until its acquisition by SafeNet, Inc. in February 2003.

Prior to Cylink, Mr.Crowell worked at the National Security Agency, where he held a series of senior executive positions, including Deputy Director of Operations and Deputy Director of the NSA.

He also serves as a director of several private companies. Mr. Crowell has been quoted in many trade and business publications including the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, USA Today, Information Week, Network World, Computer World, Federal Computer Week, CIO Magazine and the San Jose Mercury News. Crowell has also appeared on CBS MarketWatch, CNET News, CNBC and KNTV's Silicon Valley Business.

Bill is the co-author of the book Physical and Logical Security Convergence.

Tags: Insider Threat, Bill Crowell, NSA, Cybercrime

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