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Targeted Attacks: 8 Steps to Safeguard Your Organization

User accounts and devices provide a direct pathway for hackers to access your most valuable asset - your data. By targeting your trusted employees, attackers can circumvent conventional solutions like firewalls and IPS solutions to penetrate your network and compromise your data center. A multi-layered strategy with malware detection and data center security is critical as it buys your IT department time to remediate compromised devices on your schedule and without impeding user productivity. This eBook includes case studies from eight organizations in highly targeted industries that suffered an advanced targeted attack; explains how targeted attacks, often using spear phishing and malware, consistently defy firewalls and IPS solutions; details critical layers of technology that businesses can implement to ensure data center protection; and provides an eight step plan for safeguarding your organization from attack.

Tags: Hackers, Targeted Attacks, Malware, Database Security, IPS, Firewalls, Web Application Security, Threats

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10 Things Every Web Application Firewall Should Provide

Securing Web applications against cybercriminals, hacktivists, and state-sponsored hackers is a never-ending effort. Why? Because hackers evade traditional network security defenses to take down Websites and to steal data; malicious users probe websites around-the-clock looking for vulnerabilities; and, automation tools such as off-the-shelf attack toolkits and botnets make it easy to execute large-scale attacks. Web application firewalls have become the central platform for protecting applications against all online threats. This eBook explains in detail the 10 features that every Web application firewall should provide.

Tags: Web Application Security, Cybercriminals, Hacktivists, Hackers, Toolkits, Botnets, Network Security

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How to Protect Your Website From Hackers

Hackers continuously attack Websites in order to steal sensitive data and disrupt access. To address the threat from hackers, the PCI Data Security Standard mandates that merchants fortify their Web applications against attack. This eBook describes today's Web security risks and introduces new cloud-based solutions that protect Websites from hackers and meet PCI compliance requirements.

Tags: Application Vulnerabilities, Web Application Security, PCI, Database Security, Website Attacks, Threats

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SharePoint Security Playbook

The increasing use of Microsoft SharePoint to store sensitive business data and extend access and collaboration to partners, customers, and suppliers has outpaced native SharePoint security capabilities. More and more organizations are storing and accessing sensitive, regulated information through this platform. To improve business security, organizations must invest in organizing, managing, and protecting these valuable assets. By implementing the five lines of defense outlined in this eBook, you will be able to overcome operational challenges and protect your SharePoint deployments against both internal and external threats.

Tags: SharePoint, SharePoint Security, Database Security, File Security, Web Application Security

Popular Tags: Database Security, File Security, Threats, SharePoint, Web Application Security

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