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Financial institutions are one of the most targeted industries for data theft, often by organized, profit-driven cyber criminals. PSCU was aware of these threats and was concerned about the potential consequences to their bottom line and reputation in the event that malware were to penetrate their data center. Download this case study to learn how FireEye and Imperva enable PSCU to detect malware on endpoint devices and respond in real-time, protecting their regulated and sensitive data from advanced targeted attacks.

"Our decision to purchase FireEye and Imperva resulted from a change in philosophy. Like most companies, we were focused on protecting the perimeter, but with the advanced threats we're seeing today, you can't stop people from getting inside. We decided to take a data-centric approach, to concentrate on making sure they can't get to our business critical information."

Bradley Walker, IT Security Manager for PSCU

Tags: PSCU, Financial Services, FireEye, Malware, Targeted Attacks Database Activity Monitoring, Database Firewall, Database Security, Banking

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TechSoup Global

TechSoup Global

Hear how Richard Collins from TechSoup Global is using Imperva SecureSphere WAF and DAM solutions. He discusses key drivers such as sensitive data protection, securing mission-critical servers, addressing partner concerns over data security from Microsoft, Adobe, and Intuit (which require their partners to have strong data security solutions), and addressing PCI.

Richard also discusses how WAF can be used as a unifying technology that brings together development and operations teams. Finally he explains why he chose Imperva SecureSphere above competitors, and how Imperva offers the best solution for TechSoup Global by providing a superior: user interface, policy management system, profiling and learning capability, architecture flexibility, and ability to integrate database and Web application protection through a single solution.

Tags: TechSoup Global, Podcast, Nonprofit, Web Application Firewall, Database Activity Monitoring

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Selected Tag: Database Activity Monitoring | Show All

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