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Technology Innovations that Solve Customer Problems

Imperva has developed key innovations that overcome critical barriers to successful data security. Through their integration with SecureSphere, Imperva technologies increase accuracy, decrease complexity, deliver full accountability, increase performance, and broaden deployment options for our customers.

Breaking Down Barriers to Data Security

Dynamic Profiling
Dynamic Profiling automates policy configuration and increases effectiveness by understanding the behavior of applications, databases, and the users that access them. Dynamic Profiling streamlines administration and increases security by defining policies that detect behavioral variances. Learn More »
Universal User Tracking
Universal User Tracking achieves the primary requirements of any audit and security process- tracking the individual end user that accessed or modified business data. It can correctly identify end users even in multi-tiered, connection pooled environments. Learn More »
Transparent Inspection
Transparent Inspection is a non-intrusive, high performance security architecture that enables flexible inline and non-inline deployment. With Transparent Inspection, no other solution offers as many deployment options as SecureSphere. Learn More »
Correlated Attack Validation
Correlated Attack Validation increases accuracy by analyzing multiple inputs, including profile and protocol violations, attack signatures, data leakage signatures, and variance from past behavior. This capability delivers the strongest protection available against today’s complex, multi-vector attacks. Learn More »

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Customer Quote
The Dynamic Profiling capabilities of SecureSphere automatically detect who is doing what and makes sure that what they are doing is not unauthorized.

Roger Herman
DBA, Brock University