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SecureSphere Hardware Appliances

Superior Performance, Scalability, and Flexibility for Every Network

SecureSphere Hardware Appliances SecureSphere appliances deliver unmatched performance, scalability, and flexibility to meet the needs of the most demanding network environments. With fail open interfaces, SecureSphere appliances offer fast and cost-effective fail over. Out-of-band management enhances security, while front panel status messages and network interfaces improve manageability.

Built on a high performance architecture, SecureSphere appliances allow organizations to manage heavy traffic loads without impacting application or network performance. To maximize uptime, SecureSphere X2500, X4500, and X6500 models include redundant, hot-swappable components. SecureSphere appliances deliver a powerful and reliable platform for deploying Imperva's award-winning Web, database, and file security solutions.

Key Capabilities
Supports high traffic loads with up to multi-gigabit throughput without impacting application and network performance.
Maximizes uptime with hot-swappable components, redundant power supplies, hard drives and fans.
Offers full extensibility with Lights-Out-Management, Hardware Security Module (HSM), SSL acceleration, and Fibre Channel interface options.

SecureSphere Hardware Appliances

Throughput (Web and Database Security products)2 Gbps1 Gbps500 Mbps500 Mbps100 Mbps
Throughput (File Activity Monitoring & File Firewall)Not Available4 Gbps2 GbpsNot AvailableNot Available
Throughput (SecureSphere for SharePoint)2 Gbps1 Gbps500 MbpsNot AvailableNot Available
Fault Tolerant
(Form Factor)
Yes (2U)Yes (2U)Yes (2U)No (1U)No (1U)

Refer to SecureSphere Appliances Datasheet for detailed specifications.

SecureSphere Management Appliances

M-Series Hardware The M-series management appliances offer increased storage capacity, faster disk speeds, and expansion options to provide Lights-Out-Management (LOM) and Fibre channel interfaces.

FTL/ Form FactorYes (2U)No (1U)

Refer to SecureSphere Appliances Datasheet for detailed specifications.

SecureSphere Stack

SecureSphere Stack The SecureSphere Stack, powered by Net Optics, provides a scalable, high performance data security solution for bandwidth-intensive applications. The SecureSphere Stack leverages Net Optics xBalancer to distribute 10 Gbps or more of inbound traffic across multiple SecureSphere X6500 gateways. Net Optics xBalancer forwards only relevant protocols to the SecureSphere gateways, ensuring SecureSphere is only inspecting Web, database, or file traffic. The SecureSphere Stack ensures organizations can easily scale SecureSphere Web, database, and file security deployments for high bandwidth applications and cloud deployments.

SpecificationsNet Optics xBalancer
(Web, Database, and File Security)
10 Gbps or more
Form Factor 1U
Total Ports (NICs) 24 x 1 Gbps

Refer to SecureSphere Appliances Datasheet and Net Optics xBalancer Datasheet for detailed specifications.