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SecureSphere Agent for DB2 and IMS on z/OS

Effective and Efficient Auditing of Critical Mainframe Databases

Mainframe databases often host sensitive business information and face ever increasing regulatory and security scrutiny. Database auditing and security projects must include these systems in their scope while meeting unique mainframe operational requirements. Imperva SecureSphere agents for DB2 and IMS on z/OS deliver comprehensive and efficient auditing of database activities and address regulatory requirements related to these critical systems.

SecureSphere Agents for DB2 and IMS Benefits:

  • Streamlines compliance and security requirements for mainframe environments
  • Provides full visibility into critical mainframe database activity including: Logons and connects, reads, writes, system commands and database utilities
  • Real-time alerts on policy violations and security events
  • Centralizes and unifies management of audit policies, agent configuration, and reporting across all enterprise database platforms
  • Minimizes impact on total cost of mainframe computing by using zIIP processors

An Effective and Efficient Solution for Your Most Critical Platforms

The SecureSphere agent for DB2 and IMS technology was jointly developed with Tomium Software. It combines proven z/OS monitoring technology, built on decades of mainframe development expertise, with SecureSphere's leading database security solutions. The integrated solution enables centralized configuration, auditing and reporting across heterogeneous enterprise databases – a key requirement for effectively addressing PCI, SOX, HIPAA and other regulations. With its industry-best auditing and real-time protection, thousands of organizations choose Imperva SecureSphere to safeguard their most valuable assets.

Meet Compliance Requirements and Minimize the Impact of a Data Breach

SecureSphere agents for DB2 and IMS provide comprehensive monitoring and auditing of database activities, as required by a variety of government and industry regulations. The audit trail includes details to answer data access questions like: who?, what?, when?, where?, how? and why? SecureSphere analyzes database activity to identify potential breaches of sensitive data and provides alerts, reports and analysis views to enable quick investigation and support risk mitigation efforts.

Avoid Performance Impact Associated with Monitoring DB2 and IMS

Traditional approaches for monitoring activity on DB2 and IMS on z/OS are resource intensive, causing performance degradation. SecureSphere agents for DB2 and IMS have been designed to avoid these pitfalls by collecting only necessary audit data and leveraging the mainframe zIIP processors. By using zIIP processors, the SecureSphere agent frees up general computing capacity and minimizes the impact on mainframe operating costs. SecureSphere agents send audit details to SecureSphere appliances so that all audit processing and data storage is performed away from the mainframe, preserving mainframe resources.

Real-Time Architecture, Enterprise Scalability

SecureSphere collects and analyzes database events in real-time and instantly notifies security and operations teams about any violation of corporate data access policies The agent architecture easily scales to meet the most demanding environments, with each SecureSphere appliance capable of supporting multiple agents.

Seamless Integration into SecureSphere Database Activity Monitoring SecureSphere agents for DB2 and IMS on z/OS are fully integrated into the complete SecureSphere Database Activity Monitoring solution. Audit data from DB2 and IMS is processed and combined with audit data from other enterprise systems providing a complete unified view of user access to sensitive data. SecureSphere analytical views, reports and alerts accelerate incident response and enable quick resolution across your entire database environment.

Simple Agent Deployment and Management

SecureSphere monitors DB2 and IMS database activity with a single, easy to deploy agent. Installation typically takes less than one hour per LPAR and does not require any changes to the audited systems or a restart of the LPAR. Once the agents are deployed, they can be configured and managed from the same SecureSphere console used for all monitored databases. Auditing DB2 and IMS does not require deep technical understanding of these platforms or special audit policies. SecureSphere provides an easy user interface that simplifies audit management across all enterprise database platforms.