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File System Agents

Complete Coverage of all File Activity

SecureSphere file system agents monitor activity directly on file servers to eliminate any monitoring blind spots. Agents can monitor all file access activity, or just local activity. This unique ability allows organizations to deploy an optimized mix of agent-based and network-based activity monitoring. SecureSphere file server agents help organizations achieve comprehensive file activity monitoring with unparalleled scalability and minimal overhead. SecureSphere agents are simple to install and update, with no requirement to shut down or reboot servers.

Hybrid Architecture Supports Optimized Deployments

SecureSphere offers a flexible architecture allowing a choice between network-based or agent-based monitoring or a combination of the two. This hybrid architecture enables deployment optimization based on network topology requirements and business needs.

Agents can be used for monitoring local activity exclusively, or for monitoring all access activity.

  • Local activity monitoring: SecureSphere appliances monitor all network activity and SecureSphere agents are configured to monitor only local activity. This configuration ensures complete coverage of all paths to file data.
  • Full agent-based monitoring: SecureSphere agents are configured to monitor all file activity regardless of its source – network or local. This configuration is particularly useful for distributed environments where it may not be practical to deploy SecureSphere appliances in front of all file servers, and networks with encrypted network communications or Kerberos authentication.

Centralized Agent Configuration and Management

Centralized agent management enables streamlined management and control of agents in large distributed environments. The management console supports troubleshooting with quick analysis views and allows administrators to enable or disable agents on remote systems. A single SecureSphere agent can be installed on a server to monitor database activity, file activity, or both.

To further simplify agent administration, agents do not require a file server shut-down or reboot during installation or upgrade.

Secure Agent Communications

The agents can communicate with the SecureSphere network appliance over an encrypted TCP tunnel.