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SecureSphere Operations Manager

Simplify the Management of Large Deployments

SecureSphere Operations Manager (SOM) is a multi-domain, federated management solution that dramatically improves the operational efficiency of managing SecureSphere deployments with multiple MX Management Servers. SOM meets the operational scalability demands of large enterprises and Managed Security Service Providers by consolidating the management, visibility and reporting across multiple SecureSphere MX Management Servers, and provides system wide health metrics and statistics.

Key Capabilities
Improve operational efficiency
Manage multi-domain, federated environments
Create, configure and distribute policies system wide
Access each MX Management Server from one location
Monitor environment health
View security activity system wide

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Unified Management and Administration of Federated Environments

SecureSphere SOM easily manages large numbers of SecureSphere MX Management Servers in deployments spanning different datacenters, geographies, business units or customers. As a manager of managers, SOM provides a single, overall point of control and visibility across the entire deployment.

Create, Configure and Distribute Audit and Security Policies System Wide

SecureSphere administrators can create, configure and apply security and audit policies from one management console instead of logging into individual MX Management Servers. A common set of policies can be applied across multiple-domains, eliminating repetitive efforts, and ensuring security and auditing are consistent across the environment. Federated management of auditing and security policies, and the ability to monitor this behavior enterprise wide, makes SOM a necessary component for deployments with multiple MX Management Servers.

Single Point of Access to Each MX Management Server

In addition to aggregating information into a single user interface, the SecureSphere SOM dashboard and charts enable quick drill-down access to individual MX Management Servers to perform policy configurations and detailed analysis. This saves time by simplifying and accelerating access to relevant management resources.

Monitor Environment Health

SecureSphere SOM provides a dashboard view of health for the entire deployment. Delivers visibility into system wide performance and problem areas by aggregating performance and status metrics for individual MX Management Servers, Gateways and Agents.

System Wide View of Security Activity

SecureSphere SOM summarizes security alert volume and types to provide an overall view of security status. Quickly detect areas requiring further investigation or troubleshooting. Drill into alerts to view details without having to log in to individual MX Management Servers.

SecureSphere Operations Manager Specifications

Specification Description
  • Secure Web User Interface (HTTPS)
  • Cross management Single Sign-On
  • Centralized health and event dashboards
  • SecureSphere Operations Management Server centrally provisions, manages, and monitors up to 50 MX Management Servers
  • Enforce audit and security policies across a federation of users.
Management Communications
  • SSL encrypted communications between SecureSphere Operations Manager and SecureSphere MX Management Server
Policy/Signature Updates
  • Centralized security updates provided weekly or immediately for critical threats
  • SNMP
  • Syslog
  • Email
  • Incident management ticketing integration
  • Custom followed action
  • Integrated graphical reporting
  • Real-time dashboard
Supported Appliances
  • Hardware Appliances – M150
  • Virtual Appliances - VM150 (VMware ESX/ESXi)
High Availability
  • Supports Active-Active and Active-Passive systems