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MX Management Server

Unified Data Security Management

Enforcing data security across a distributed enterprise can be a daunting task. Imperva has developed a powerful centralized management and reporting platform that unifies and streamlines policy configuration and administrative tasks. The SecureSphere MX Management Server provides a single point for managing, monitoring, and reporting on multiple SecureSphere gateways. By centralizing administrative tasks, SecureSphere provides a global view of data security across all applications, databases, and files.

To address enterprise management requirements, the SecureSphere MX Management Server supports hierarchical, object-oriented policy configuration. Role-based access controls offer granular administration of user and group privileges. Coupled with its interactive analytics and graphical reporting, SecureSphere offers a powerful and intuitive management platform for organizations of all sizes.

For large enterprises and MSSP’s that support multi-domain environments with several MX Servers, SecureSphere Operations Manager consolidates policy management, reporting and administration.

Key Capabilities
Centrally manage and monitor multiple SecureSphere gateways
Hierarchically manage and group IT assets in logical categories for granular access control, even in large-scale deployments
Define user roles to enable custom administrative privileges to specific objects and functions
Unify auditing, reporting and logging across heterogeneous platforms
Enable MSSPs and large enterprises to apply unique security capabilities to specific customers or applications
Visualize security status and monitor incidents in real-time through live security dashboard
Investigate user activity with interactive audit analytics

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Scalable, Unified Management and Administration

The SecureSphere MX Management Server centrally manages multiple SecureSphere Database, File, and Web Application Security gateways. It unifies all management activities, including deployment, policy configuration, monitoring and reporting, in one console. Providing a global view of data security for applications, databases, and files the MX Management server streamlines administration even in large, distributed environments.

Pre-defined and Custom Reports for Security and Compliance

Rich reporting capabilities enable customers to easily assess security status and meet regulatory compliance requirements. SecureSphere provides both pre-defined and fully customizable graphical reports. Reports can be viewed on demand or scheduled on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. A real-time dashboard presents current security events and trends. SecureSphere's monitoring and reporting capabilities provide instant visibility into security, compliance and content delivery concerns.

Interactive Audit Analytics Illustrate Who, What, When, Where, and How

SecureSphere provides near real time multidimensional views of audit data through an interactive, graphical auditing interface. This analytics intelligence enables non technical database auditors to examine, correlate, and view database activity from virtually any angle with just a few mouse clicks. Users can easily identify trends and recognize patterns that could conceal security risks or compliance problems.

Granular, Role-Based Access Control

For precise control of user privileges, SecureSphere supports flexible role-based access controls. Users may be granted edit, view-only, or restricted access to specific objects and management functions. Organizations can also hierarchically manage and group IT assets into logical categories for fine-grained access control, even in large-scale enterprise and MSSP deployments. Together, role-based access controls, hierarchical policies, and task-oriented workflows provide powerful management capabilities for organizations of all sizes.

Data Risk Explorer for Rapid Analysis of Security Risks

To simplify the task of prioritizing security risks, an innovative Data Risk Explorer scores and presents vulnerabilities in an interactive dashboard. The Data Risk Explorer visualizes security risks to prioritize remediation activities. Users can graphically navigate all databases in their environment, easily identify top risks, and drill down to investigate individual vulnerabilities. Integration with the SecureSphere task workflow and ticketing solutions ensure vulnerabilty mitigation.

SecureSphere MX Management Server Specifications

Specification Description
  • Intuitive Web User Interface (HTTP/HTTPS)
  • Command Line Interface (SSH/Console)
  • MX Management Server centrally provisions, manages, and monitors up to 15 SecureSphere gateways
  • Supports distributed, heterogeneous deployments of Web and database gateways
Out-of-Band Management
  • Out-of-band management supported via out-of-band management ports in SecureSphere gateways
Management Communications
  • SSL encrypted communications between MX Management server and SecureSphere gateways
Policy/Signature Updates
  • Security updates provided weekly or immediately for critical threats
Hierarchical Management
  • Policies may be defined hierarchically, via a flexible, object –oriented policy framework.
Role-Based Administration
  • Completely customizable roles and privileges
  • Users can be assigned roles
  • User inherit all privileges of the group
  • User authentication supports LDAP and SSL certificate
  • SNMP
  • Syslog
  • Email
  • Incident management ticketing integration
  • Custom followed action
  • Integrated graphical reporting
  • Real-time dashboard
High Availability
  • MX Management Server High Availability mirrors configuration and provides immediate failover
  • Task-oriented workflow engine
Internal Data Storage
  • Audit trail stored in tamper-proof repository
  • Optional encryption or digital signing of audit data
  • Role-based access controls to view audit data (read-only)
  • Real-time visibility of audit data
External Data Storage and Archiving
  • SAN (optional Fibre Channel interfaces) for online access
  • NAS for online access
  • NFS*
  • FTP*
  • HTTP/S*
  • SCP*
        * Data is compressed and archived
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