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SecureSphere Management Solutions

High-Performance, Centralized Data Security Management

Imperva SecureSphere management products increase security operations efficiency by delivering superior performance, scalability and unified management capabilities for any size deployment. Whether you're managing a small data center, or a large number of business units, data centers, or customers, SecureSphere products give you the visibility and control to minimize administrative overhead and ensure a strong data security posture.

Key Capabilities

  • Unify auditing, reporting and logging across different SecureSphere products
  • Apply unique auditing and security capabilities to specific domains
  • Visualize security status and monitor incidents in real-time
  • Investigate user activity with interactive audit analytics
  • Monitor environment health from a single console
  • View security activity for the entire deployment
  • Manage and distribute policies system wide
  • Enforce audit and security policies across a federation of users

SecureSphere Management Products

SecureSphere MX Management Server
The SecureSphere MX Management Server is a centralized management platform for multiple SecureSphere gateways. It provides a single point for aggregating security policy, real-time monitoring, logging, auditing and compliance reporting. The SecureSphere MX Management Server can simultaneously manage SecureSphere Database, File and Web Security gateways from a single console.

SecureSphere Operations Manager
SecureSphere Operations Manager is a multi-domain management solution that dramatically improves the operational efficiency of managing SecureSphere deployments with multiple MX Management Servers. SOM meets the operational scalability demands of large enterprises and Managed Security Service Providers by consolidating the management, visibility and reporting across multiple SecureSphere MX Management Servers, and provides system wide health metrics and statistics.