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PartnerSphere Cloud Alliance

PartnerSphere Cloud Alliance

The Imperva PartnerSphere Cloud Alliance program is available for qualified Managed Service Providers and Hosters who consider service and support to be an important element of their businesses. An Imperva certified PartnerSphere Cloud Alliance partner will serve as the primary support contact for all Imperva products managed by that partner. Partners can leverage Imperva SecureSphere to deliver best-in-class data security for their Cloud deployments. SecureSphere provides a fully integrated Database, File, and Web security solution that protects Cloud environments from external and internal threats, and enables a cost-effective route to regulatory compliance. With Imperva assisting behind the scenes, partners enhance their relationships by selling value-added solutions that generate a continual service revenue stream.

Infrastructure Delivery Partners

Infrastructure delivery partners monitor and manage the infrastructure on behalf of the customer. These partners provide security configuration, provisioning and management functions in support of their cloud applications and computing resource offerings.

Service Delivery Partners

Service delivery partners provide Imperva data security services as part of a comprehensive security managed services portfolio. These partners generally cater to enterprises looking for a service provider capable of delivering a broad range of security services. Imperva's data security solution would be integrated into this suite of services.